Dalio Report: Disconnected and At-Risk

Connecticut youth are facing an unspoken crisis: Dalio Education reports that 1 in 3 CT high school students are at-risk of not graduating, and 1 in 5 CT youth are at-risk.

While this issue exists in every Connecticut municipality in varying degrees, Hartford exhibits the largest concentrations in the state with 53% of students at-risk, and 42% of 14–26-year-olds exiting high school that were newly disconnected.

In partnership with elected officials, The United Way of Connecticut's Opportunity Youth Initiative is working to generate and guide public and private investments to CT's disconnected youth to secure the necessary supports for their long-term success.

Additionally, the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities (CCM) 119K Commission on At-Risk and Disconnected Youth is a state-wide coalition of leaders on a mission to reconnect 60,000 young people to viable education and career pathways, galvanizing collective action to help young people realize their full potential.

2 Year Update
HOYC 2-Year Action Plan Update

The Hartford Opportunity Youth Collaborative is currently in the process of updating its 2-year action plan, which aims to build upon HOYC's achievements and ongoing initiatives while aligning stakeholders on common priorities, measures, and strategies to enhance educational and workforce connectivity for Hartford's youth, ultimately promoting self-sufficient adulthood.

Directory of Services-GRAY

Discover a wealth of opportunities with our comprehensive online directory of services for youth ages 14-29 in Hartford. From educational resources to career guidance, the directory connects you to support and programs designed to help you thrive.

Whether you'd like to enhance your skills, find a job, explore new interests, or are working with young people to connect them to relevant programs offerings, our directory is your go-to resource for navigating the wide range of services available in Hartford.

Youth Outreach Toolkit -purple

Dr. Bethany Silver of Hartford Public Schools and Dr. Ron Schack of the Charter Oak Group have compiled two data presentations on the current state of our Opportunity Youth. Both reports found here.

HOYC Data Analysis 2021
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